545 Holder (Refurbished)

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The Famous 545 Holder -- refurbished and tested for New55 FILM

This is the standard solid metal version of the 4x5 film holder for which the New55 FILM system was designed.  Works with New55 PN instant positive-negative and 1SHOT with Atomic-X ready loaded sheet film.

  • totally disassembled & thoroughly cleaned;
  • key parts re-sprayed;
  • Clip, Gate and Roller Assembly fully Sleeve-tested & Clip-tuned;

Your success with the New55 FILM packet system depends upon the working condition of your 545 holder.  Make sure its critical components are free of residual developer reagent and remain limber and functioning to spec.  Disassemble after each session and clean the with a damp paper towel.     

1.8 lbs

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